About the Town of Narkhed

Narkhed is a town in Narkhed Taluka, in Nagpur district of Maharashtra State, India. It lies in Vidarbha section, belonging to Nagpur Division. Narkhed is located at the distance of 90 kms from District Head –Quarter of Nagpur towards the North. It is a taluka place. It was, one renowned as the biggest orange-market-place in the continent of Asia. It was well known as the California of India. It is the town which is famous for Rhisi-Talao and other religious place of saint tradition. This is the hometown of famous Marathi Literature, Waman Chorghade.

By Railway

Narkhed is a located on Chennai-Delhi Railway –route, which is a Railway-junction. This town is well-known for historical-culture and for literature-heritage too.

Population & Literacy

As revealed by 2001 Indian- census, Narkhed had a population of 21536. Males found  51% of the population and females, 49%. Narkhed has an average literacy rate of 72, which is higher than the national average of 59.5%Male literacy is 77% and female literacy 67%. In Narkhed 12% of the population is under 6year of age.


All the festival such as Holi, Diwali, Dasara, and Pola.Ganesh-Utsav and Navratras-Mela are very much famous in nearby areas; Other than that id, Christmas and New Year also celebrated  in the town with much vigor and vitality. There are conducted festive fares on Holi. Dasara and Pola.

Ganesh-Utsav and Navratras- Mela are very much famous in nearby areas; Other than that id, Christmas and New Year are also celebrated in the town.


The climate of Narkhed is hot and humid. About 100 120 cm rainfall occurred in Narkhed. In winter average minimum temperature is about 9-15 C. in summer average maximum temp. Is about 38-45 o c.


The governing body for Narkhed city is Municipal council. There are 17 Wards in Narkhed city from which 17 cooperators has been getting elected by people.  In the same way separate election has been taken for mayors. Has been getting elected directly by people Cooperators are responsible for all the development work in their wards. There are different committees for different work.

Narkhed is also the taluka headquarter and Panchyat Samiti. There are 138 Vilages under Narkheadtaluka and 70 Gram Panchyat. Arched is under Katol VidhanSabha seat and Ramtek LokSabha Constituency.

Speciality / Famous

The economy of very much famous all over the country for it oranges. Once Narkhead Was Asia largest Santra Mandy; (Now Kalamana Market Nagpur) other then orange and cotton, and also Soybean is also another  cash crop in Narkhed taluka. Other crops are whest, Joweaear, rice in places like Tul, Moong and Harbara are also cultivated in the taluka. Because of big demand of vegetable in Nagpur market, farmers also have started growing vegetables throughout the year. Both the session of Rabi and kharif are taken in Narkhed.

Agriculture in taluka

Agriculture in taluka is mostly depends on rainfall. Other than that farmer used water well, river, irrigation dam. Canal for irrigation dam in Narkhead taluka. The other irrigation dam are Kar dam Paradsinga dam Ambada Dam  and many more. But still it is on very small level and there is big scope for development in irrigation facilities. River like Wardha,jamMandakini, Wandali, Kolar, and other river are used for irrigation for Rabi crop. But farmer facing serious water-problems in summer and it becomes very difficult to maintain ‘Orange-orchid” without water.

Near By Road

Narkhed Is directly connected with Nagpur by good road via Katol and Saoner.

As well as with Warud- Multani- Pandhurana – Pusla – Shendurjana, Badchicholi, Seoni and manyu More. Narkhed is just 15km southward of Seoni village from NH 69. Mh SH 246 Sawargaon  Mowed, Passing throught Narkhed. It has also connected with all the villages of taluka by all session tar roads. MSRTC buses services avalibale regularly for Katol, Mowad,Sawargon.Jalakeda etc. Few Buses are also connecting Nagpur. Saoner, Warud, Morshi, Karanja Etc.

Narkhed town is on Chennai-new Delhi Grand trunk route. It is also directly connecting with Amravati by railway. As Narkhed-Amravati Railway.  line become functional Narkhed-Amravati Railway line become functional Narkhed railway station start working as Railway Junction Narkhed-Amravati Railway line is about places are in Oranges producing belt hence it provide connectivity an market to Orange producing farmer. Amravati city is about 10 km north of Badnera town which is on Howrah with Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Nagpur, Kolhapur, Bhopal  Indore, Patna, Ernakulum, Amritsar, Nanded, Jabalpur, many bigger city of the country directly by railway. There are 18-20 train has daily stopping in Narkhed.