President Message



It gives me great pleasure to introduce Shri Pandharinath Arts & Commerce College Narkhed, Dist-Nagpur Academic institute play’s a great role in enabling young people to have a grand vision and to equip them with overall abilities and precise skill to the vision into reality. We decide an Aim to give good higher education to rural and tribal Younger once for their better tomorrow. We follow this aim from the establishment of this institute and we have succeeded it till today. We open the doors of Arts and Commerce faculty for the sons and daughters of poor farmers and workers. 90% students in our college are coming from rural and tribal area for shaping their future.

The building of our college is big with good Class-rooms. Other features include Playground, Library, Gymkhana which are always useful to students, we provide free environment to study and research for students for their better tomorrow.

Finally, I must express my gratitude to my entire team, office bearers, committee members, Principals, faculty members, staff and workforce. I have endeavored to bring this wider perspective to bear on the many opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of the institute. We have plans for further modernization and you will soon see some more qualitative changes in infrastructure, courses and facilities to students as peer this century demands.

विद्यार्थी आणि समाज यांचा अभ्युदयासाठी या शैक्षणिक संस्थेची निर्मति झाली आणि हेच  एकमेव उधिष्ट डोड्यासमोर ठेऊन संस्थेची वाटचाल सुरु आहे. या महाविघायलयात  शिक्षण घेणाऱ्या विधार्थाला  आजच्या आधुनिक युगात समोर जाण्यासाठी ज्या कौशल्याची  गरज आहे त्या सर्व गरजा पूर्ण करण्यासाठी आमचे महाविघालय परिपूर्ण आहे.

या महाविघायलतुन  शिक्षण  घेणाऱ्या  प्रतेयक विघ्यार्थान आपल्या समाजसाठी आणि  देशासाठी कार्य करण्यास सदैव तत्पर असावे .  ही सदिच्छा !

Thanking You
Shri Abhijit R Gupta
Prerna Education Society Narkhed