Principal’s Message

It is the matter of great pleasure and pride for me to welcome our new students. Since you are going to be part of this prestigious educational institution it would be our endeavor to avail every opportunity to give a glimpse of the growth and achievements of the academic, social, sports activities to our day to day life in the institution. I am sure that you would agree that as educational institution should be judged by the improvement in the academic performance of its students achieve from incoming to outgoing level. I’m proud to mention that most ranking students who joined Shree Pandharinath Arts & Commerce College in the initial year finished with well-equipped Computer/IT Laboratories, Class Rooms, Auditorium, modernized Library Gymkhana, Sports, NSS and NCC. We aim to provide sufficient opportunities to each student to discover  and understand themselves, face and overcome challenges presented to them to make student life fulfilling and complete.

In the past 47 years,  Shree Pandharinath Arts & Commerce College has grown only in strength and size but also in levels of excellence. Our College has been a hub of many activities of excellence and achievements both by student and staff. All this has been possible because of continuous guideline and support from our Hon. President Shree Abhijeet R. Gupta Prerna Education Society, Narkhed,  Dist.-Nagpur.

I would like to gratefully acknowledge the hard work. All the Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff members who have worked tersely with passion and commitment which has helped us to realize our goals.

नागपूर जिल्हातील  ग्रामीण भागाचे शेक्षणिक  नेतृत्व  करणारे महाविद्यालय म्हणून श्री पंढरीनाथ कला-वाणिज्य महाविद्यालयाचा लौकिक आहे.

राष्ट्रीय नामांकन परिषद ,बंगलोर या संस्थेकडून महाविद्यालयाला शेक्षणिक  मुल्यांकन प्रमाणपत्र २००४ यावर्षी  प्राप्त झाले आहे.

विद्यार्थी  हा केंद्रबिंदू मानून विद्यार्थ्याच्या व्यक्तिमत्वाचा विकास घडवून आणण्याचा दृष्टीने महाविद्यालयातील नवीन अभासक्रमांचा फायदा विद्यार्थ्यांनी स्वताच्या बोद्धिक विकासासाठी करून घ्यावा व उज्वल भवितव्याकडे प्रवास करावा. विध्यार्थ्यांचे उज्वल भविष्य घडविणे हेच या महाविद्यालायाचे स्वप्न आहे , आणि  यासाठी आम्ही कटिबद्ध  आहोत.

Dr.Jayant A. Jawanjal
M.A., M.phil, Ph.D.
M.A (Sociology, Pol-Science)